Images can be printed in a variety of media, sizes, and styles.  Prices for common sizes on high-quality photo paper (including retouching and mounting larger images) are:

       4 x 6                $  3.00

       5 x 7                $ 10.00

       8 x 10             $ 15.00

       11 x 14            $ 20.00

       16 x 20           $ 40.00

       20 x 30           $ 75.00

       24 x 36           $125.00

In addition to prints on photo paper, I am pleased to offer images printed on canvas, metal, and even wood. This allows for an endless variety of creative options that work not only with the particular photographs that you want to create, but also with your decor or the space where you intend to display them.  Contact me to discuss pricing of these creative options.

In addition to providing top quality prints on a variety of media, I can also provide copies of the digital images for you to preserve forever.  Because every session is different, pricing for that service varies; contact me to discuss pricing options.

Carl Christensen

fine art photography

overland park, kansas


I believe in being totally upfront with rates and pricing.  Because most people do not have an unlimited budget, I believe it is important to be upfront to clients not only about the session fee but also the total end cost to create tangible art for display.


My session fee for typical family, engagement, or other typical shoots is a flat $200.  I do not specify a particular number of hours or shots; however, the typical family or engagement shoot takes about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  That said, I take whatever time is necessary to capture the images that artistically memorialize the special moments, people, and places in our lives.  No matter how long it takes and no matter how many sessions it requires, I am never happy with my work until the client is happy with the images we create together.

The session fee and the cost of any prints ordered includes retouching of all the subject images, and there are no hidden fees, costs, or charges other than sales tax.